Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full term this week!!

Since we're wrapping up our 37th week this week, our baby is now considered full term. How crazy! We started our weekly appointments last week, which made it seem very real when our Dr. started talking about signs of labor, when to call her, etc. We're very excited! I have to admit I was wondering why I was hoping for an early delivery when I was laying in bed at 7 am this morning...my nights of 8-9 hours of sleep will be gone very soon!!

I feel like we're pretty ready as far as the baby's room and "necessities" go. I took the Jeep to the local fire department yesterday to check out the car seat - I borrowed the base and seat from my sister, so I didn't have any manuals. It's a pretty easy installation, but the guys at the fire department were able to get it much tighter. They were very nice and had lots of useful tips on positioning the baby, what accessories not to have, and suggested bringing in the other car and husband too! I put together a few things for mine and baby's hospital stay, talked to my mom about her deliveries, and have started putting some of the baby gear together (bouncer, pack n play, etc). Now all we need is baby!

I'm still feeling good overall - I really shouldn't complain since I haven't had any swelling, cramping, or anything too annoying. I'm still taking Peanut to run about 3 times a week and am able to waddle around the gym to lift some weights. Last week, I finally had a woman come ask me if I was okay on one of the weight machines I was using. I've been surprised that she was the first one to ask or say anything about me being at the gym with such a belly! I've heard stories from other friends, so I've been expecting more questions/comments. My lower back has started hurting a little more often, and since my mom had back labor with all 5 of us, I think that will keep getting worse. Guess we'll see!

Craig and I had a really nice 4th weekend - went to the Rockies game Friday night where they had fireworks afterwards and then went to a friend's house to cook out on Saturday. A very low-key, but nice, long weekend! We couldn't remember the last time we were at home for a holiday!!

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