Friday, July 31, 2009

Parker Vivian has arrived!!

Our little girl, Parker Vivian, has joined the family! She was born Thursday, July 23rd, at 2:13 pm, weighing 5 lbs, 15 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. I took her to an appointment earlier this week and she had already gained 10 oz in her first 6 days, putting her up to 6 lbs, 5 oz (after the 4 oz she lost in the hospital). Needless to say, we're not having any issues in the eating area...knock on wood. Craig's even been able to give her a bottle and she ate like a champ! She's also going 3-4 hours between feedings, so we're hoping this isn't just beginner's luck!

Parker already has both Craig and I wrapped around her little finger - she's just so stinkin' cute and we can't get enough of her.

The labor and delivery was a little rough - my water broke around 1:15 am Thursday morning, but I didn't progress much on my own in the first 6-7 hours. I was given pitocin around 8:30 am and then the fun started. I went from a 4 to a 10 really quickly. Luckily, I had an epidural after the first couple of hours and felt tons better. After pushing, an episiotomy, and a little forceps usage, Parker was here safe and sound.

This week has been spent trying to get some sleep (it's amazing how long you can exist on 4-6 hours every night) and loving every minute with Parker! We've been very fortunate to have lots of family in town too - they've all been a big help! My sister, Ally, flew up right after Parker was born, my mom and dad drove and arrived Friday, Bette, Craig's mom, landed Sat., and my other sister Denise, has also been here this week for a few days. Thank goodness for family!!

I've been feeling really good ever since the delivery - I've been able to walk the dogs and even go a little further with Parker and Peanut. It's amazing how the human body can recover from something like that! I'll be posting more pics in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Any day now...

...and we're as ready as we can be! We're very excited to meet Baby Storey and have reason to believe we will meet him/her by the end of next week. At our appointment this morning, our Doctor said we'll get another ultrasound next week and come up with a "plan" to "force it." I clarified her choice of words because I knew I'd leave there with a ton of questions in my head, not to mention from Craig and other family, and she said she'll induce and then look into a C-section as a last resort.

At last week's appointment, we had an unscheduled ultrasound because the Doctor said I was measuring small. After looking on the ultrasound, we found the baby to be about a week behind schedule in weight (around 6 lbs) and also found out that my amniotic fluids are running on the low side of normal. The baby is doing fine, and after a non-stress test today, the doctor confirmed his or her little heartbeat is very strong. However, with my fluids being even lower today and the baby growing about 4 ounces vs. the typical 8 at this stage since last week, Doctor said she'd like this baby to come out in the next week or so...and not wait until week 40 or 41. Good news to me! We're going to try what we can at home, and I'm going to try acupuncture on Monday! It worked for a good friend in Dallas (at least they think so!), but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Everything else is going well with the pregnancy though. With the results last week, I was told to stop running, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. She said to keep walking though as that can help bring on labor, so I've been doing that and enjoying the air-conditioning at the gym. No real complaints though - no leg/foot cramping, excessive heartburn, or anything too weird! I keep hearing that I need to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy and relax, rest, etc. I have been doing that, but I've found it a little tough knowing what could come at any moment...exciting, but anxious at the same time.

Craig and I are really into the Tour de France these days, and with the limited options on things to do at this point, it's been really nice to watch that on the DVR every night and over the weekends. We've been catching up on movies and relaxing quite a bit too. We're very excited for our families to start their visits with the new baby's arrival and will be happy to see a few friends too! We'll take our laptop to the hospital and will try to post an update if labor is slow. We'll definitely post pics of the new baby as soon as we can!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full term this week!!

Since we're wrapping up our 37th week this week, our baby is now considered full term. How crazy! We started our weekly appointments last week, which made it seem very real when our Dr. started talking about signs of labor, when to call her, etc. We're very excited! I have to admit I was wondering why I was hoping for an early delivery when I was laying in bed at 7 am this nights of 8-9 hours of sleep will be gone very soon!!

I feel like we're pretty ready as far as the baby's room and "necessities" go. I took the Jeep to the local fire department yesterday to check out the car seat - I borrowed the base and seat from my sister, so I didn't have any manuals. It's a pretty easy installation, but the guys at the fire department were able to get it much tighter. They were very nice and had lots of useful tips on positioning the baby, what accessories not to have, and suggested bringing in the other car and husband too! I put together a few things for mine and baby's hospital stay, talked to my mom about her deliveries, and have started putting some of the baby gear together (bouncer, pack n play, etc). Now all we need is baby!

I'm still feeling good overall - I really shouldn't complain since I haven't had any swelling, cramping, or anything too annoying. I'm still taking Peanut to run about 3 times a week and am able to waddle around the gym to lift some weights. Last week, I finally had a woman come ask me if I was okay on one of the weight machines I was using. I've been surprised that she was the first one to ask or say anything about me being at the gym with such a belly! I've heard stories from other friends, so I've been expecting more questions/comments. My lower back has started hurting a little more often, and since my mom had back labor with all 5 of us, I think that will keep getting worse. Guess we'll see!

Craig and I had a really nice 4th weekend - went to the Rockies game Friday night where they had fireworks afterwards and then went to a friend's house to cook out on Saturday. A very low-key, but nice, long weekend! We couldn't remember the last time we were at home for a holiday!!