Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 weeks old already!

We can't believe Parker is 5 weeks old already. She's still growing and eating like a champ! We're up to a 5 hour break between 2 of her feedings at night - last night we went from 9-2, so after getting myself ready for bed, I got almost 4 hours of straight sleep. Every night is a different adventure - a lot of trial and error with bedtimes!

I haven't been able to get Parker weighed since her 1 week check-up, but I did step on the scale with her last week and my weight went up 10 lbs. A lot of her newborn clothes aren't fitting anymore, and you can see from the pictures on the right (especially the top one taken yesterday) that she's not missing many meals!

I took Parker in the jogging stroller twice last week, and she wasn't a huge fan; although the picture to the right makes it seem she is. I figured I'd give it another 2 weeks and maybe try it again over Labor Day weekend. The last thing I want is for her to have an aversion to that stroller! We finally got our treadmill fixed this week, too, so now it's running very smoothly. It really hadn't been working that great since we moved here.

Everything else is going really well - we love watching Parker grow and change every week and I think both Craig and I are figuring things out a little easier at this point too. Time does fly though - just like everyone says - especially when your day is broken into 3-hour increments! We leave tomorrow for Seattle, so stay tuned next week to hear about Parker's first flight!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing like crazy!

As you can see from these pics, Parker is growing like crazy! I stepped on the scale with her Saturday and my weight went up 8 lbs. I doubt she's really up to that much already, but I'm sure she's close. The women's center has a scale that you can use without making an appointment and I've thought about taking her there just to see how much she's really gained.

All is going well here at home. Parker is eating well and sleeping pretty good too. We haven't quite figured out that nighttime is strictly for sleeping yet, but I feel like we're close (or hoping, that is). Craig is giving her a bottle from pumped milk once a day and that's been going really well too. She's such a joy for us - already changing so much and we love watching her funny faces!

My recovery has pretty much been a non-event - I've been able to run, go to the gym, walk the dogs, etc. I feel so lucky that my body has cooperated with me this far!! We've already taken Parker on her first road trip - met some good friends in Breckenridge last Sunday and stayed until Tuesday. She did really great! We're looking forward to her first plane ride at the end of the month...could be interesting!