Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing like crazy!

As you can see from these pics, Parker is growing like crazy! I stepped on the scale with her Saturday and my weight went up 8 lbs. I doubt she's really up to that much already, but I'm sure she's close. The women's center has a scale that you can use without making an appointment and I've thought about taking her there just to see how much she's really gained.

All is going well here at home. Parker is eating well and sleeping pretty good too. We haven't quite figured out that nighttime is strictly for sleeping yet, but I feel like we're close (or hoping, that is). Craig is giving her a bottle from pumped milk once a day and that's been going really well too. She's such a joy for us - already changing so much and we love watching her funny faces!

My recovery has pretty much been a non-event - I've been able to run, go to the gym, walk the dogs, etc. I feel so lucky that my body has cooperated with me this far!! We've already taken Parker on her first road trip - met some good friends in Breckenridge last Sunday and stayed until Tuesday. She did really great! We're looking forward to her first plane ride at the end of the month...could be interesting!

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