Monday, May 31, 2010

New Videos

It's about time, right!?!? We have several new videos to post, including Parker's famous poop face and her first time crawling. Parker decided to crawl on the morning of my birthday...what a great present! She's doing really well - crawling around all over the place. She's not pulling herself up very much; although daycare has said she's done it a few times, which has resulted in a few bruises on her head. Maybe that's made her a little scared... Her one-year birthday is right around the corner - July 23rd. Can't believe it!

As for other news, we're in the process of moving back to Dallas. Craig is interviewing at a few different companies, and our house is on the market. We hope the timing works out where we won't have to live apart for too long, but however long it takes will be worth it! I'm very excited to be around my family and all of our friends...and all of the new babies there! I'm still not sure what my company will let me do - I'd love to continue to work for them remotely, but I won't talk to them until a move date is more definite. Craig and I are heading to Germany on June 12th, and Bam (Craig's mom) will be taking care of P. Should be a nice time away, but we'll miss her for sure.

I need to get better at posting to this blog, but it's hard to find the time. For now, these videos should provide some pretty good entertainment. Happy spring/summer to you all!

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