Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Almost 8 weeks...

Well, our little Parker-Poo is almost 8 weeks old! She's doing so great - getting more and more of a personality everyday. Craig and I can't stop smiling when we look at her. She has become a really good, calm baby (knock on wood)! The first 4-5 weeks were rough, but something clicked and she started being calmer. Now, she's happy in her bouncy seat or laying on the floor on her playmat and still loves her swing. She's only waking up once at night - between 3 & 4 am - and then is staying in bed until 7 or after, so I'm getting more sleep too. We're very lucky!!

With Parker's new found love of the bouncy chair (as you can see in the video above!), I've been able to run on the treadmill more often. Her routine is becoming more predictable, so that's been a lifesaver! We also took her out in the BOB jogging stroller a week and a half ago and she didn't make a sound...slept most of the time! Whew - that was a relief - I was worried she may have an aversion to it already!

We took Parker to Seattle almost 3 weeks ago - as the pediatrician said, I'd have a harder time with it than she would. She was right! Parker did well on the planes and didn't seem to have a problem adjusting to sleeping in the hotel pack-n-play. I was a little stressed, but not too bad (although Craig will probably say the opposite)! She likes her pacifier these days and that helps a lot with the evenings when she gets a little fussy. Anyway, like I said, we're super lucky!! She'll go to her 2-month appointment next week and I can't wait - the Dr. will probably fall over at how big she's gotten...weighed her last week with me and she was up to 12 lbs!! I'll post more after that appointment next week!

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